WWE Survivor Series Pre-Show Report (11/18/12)

WWE Survivor Series Pre-Show Report
By Shaun Best – Rajah.com Reporter

Here’s what went down on YouTube, Facebook and WWE.com just before Survivor Series on PPV!

Team Ziggler ridiculed Team Foley and the Miz backstage, with Dolph Ziggler labelling him “the biggest quitter this company has ever seen.” Ziggler confirmed Cody Rhodes’s absence and named the “strong and smart” David Otunga as his replacement, to collective groans galore. Alberto Del Rio said he’d lead the team after Ziggler is eliminated in the first five minutes. Wade Barrett stated his case for being a leader and the team teased dissension, as Ziggler called for a united front.

3MB w/Drew McIntyre vs Team CoBro
CobRo work the arms of 3MB until McIntyre holds onto Heath Slater to telegraph a Zack Ryder dropkick. 3MB work Ryder over, until Ryder avoids a corner charge. Santino Marella jabs away on Slater. Marella hits the splits, a hiptoss and saluting fistdrop. Jinder Mahal distracts the Cobra, Slater attacks Santino, then blows his nose with the Cobra. Jinder delivers a neckbreaker. Santino ducks under a double clothesline, but misses a flying clothesline of his own. Santino back suplexes Slater to escape a chinlock. Jinder applies a front facelock, but opts to play air guitar to Ryder. Santino backbodydrops Jinder and makes the hot tag. Ryder dishes out clotheslines and a missile dropkick to Jinder. A flying forearm sets Jinder up for the Broski boot, which finds the mark. Slater breaks up a pin and tosses Santino, then kicks him into the guardrail. Slater gets hit with the Rough Ryder. Jinder runs into Ryder’s knees in the corner. McIntyre hits Ryder from behind with the cast on his hand. Jinder gives Ryder a full nelson slam for the 1-2-3. Winners: 3MB.

Josh Mathews wanted to ask Little Jimmy about R-Truth’s chances of winning the U.S Title from Antonio Cesaro. Truth said Little Jimmy wasn’t there and gave a serious interview, promising to bring the title back to the U.S. Josh stated that Truth denied the existence of Little Jimmy. Truth said Little Jimmy was simply in the bathroom and made Josh apologise to him.


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