WWE Releasing A Chris Jericho DVD?, A John Morrison Film, WWE In Canada In '09

— In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, there is a calender and it notes that a DVD on Chris Jericho is scheduled to be released on Tuesday, November 11, 2008 — the same day as the Viva La Raza – The Legacy of Eddie Guerrero DVD set. However, we have heard absolutely nothing on WWE releasing a DVD on Chris Jericho and there doesn’t appear to be any listings for it online.

— Carl DeMarco, president of the Canadian arm of World Wrestling Entertainment, says WWE has big plans for Canada. WWE will be holding two shows in Ontario in December, as well as Judgment Day next May, while the rest of Canada gets nothing. Regarding this, DeMarco said, “It’s not going to happen in 2008, but we’re looking at booking opportunities for 2009. As far as future TV shows and pay-per-views in Canada, I’d say there’s a real good chance for next year.” He also added, “We clearly recognize that Alberta has a great wrestling following and tradition, but it’s not just Edmonton and Calgary. Winnipeg, the home of Chris Jericho, is a great place. And we could go to Vancouver or Victoria.” {DeMarco: 2009 big for WWE in Canada}

— On John Morrison’s behalf, the official WWE page on YouTube posted a short film the ECW star created himself. You can see the seven-minute film at the following link. Morrison studied film (and geology) at the University of California at Davis prior to joining the wrestling business.

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