WWE Profiles The Career Of The Massive Warlord, SmackDown Slam of the Week

– Perhaps the most muscular wrestler in the history of WWE, The Warlord, is this week’s addition to the Alumni section on WWE.com.

The story of his mainstream career coming to an end in 1996 due to an automobile accident is acknowledged in his profile—he continues to compete at independent events on a sporadic basis. WWE also states that his work inspired future greats such as Chris Jericho and Batista. The Warlord crossed paths with Jericho early in the Canadian wrestler’s career, and assisted him with food matters while they traveled together overseas and in Japan. In the case of Batista, the multi-time WWE Champion has cited The Warlord as his all-time favorite wrestler.

“Batista names me as his favorite of all time,” said The Warlord in a 2010 interview with WWE.com. “It’s the biggest flattery I’ve ever had, and it really means a lot.”

– The Wyatt Family’s vicious ways are highlighted in WWE’s latest “SmackDown Slam of the Week.” (Watch)

– Kevin Nash is advertised to appear for Funkdafied Wrestling Federation on Saturday, October 11 at Nur Shrine Temple 198 S Dupont Hwy. New Castle, Delaware. Click here for event information.

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