WWE NXT Results – June 7th, 2017

  Tonight’s edition of NXT featured some decent wrestling and the setup for some new feuds. NXT will have to create some interesting stories to make up for #DIY being out. This show has led to some new developments on the NXT brand, so let’s take a look at the results.
Heavy Machinery vs. Victor Andrews & Lars Sullivan –
  Kicking off the show was a tag team match featuring the always entertaining Heavy Machinery. Lars Sullivan appeared on NXT television several weeks ago when he attacked his much smaller tag team partner after losing the match. Andrews did an inset promo before the match where he said that he knew what Lars did to his last partner, but he was not going to let an opportunity go to waste.

  The announcers kept mentioning how freakish Lars is, so they seem to be giving him a gimmick akin to Lenny from Of Mice and Men, where he is a little too destructive for his own good. In fact, Nigel McGuinness even made that exact comparison. After some moves from Sullivan, the rest of the match was Heavy Machinery displaying their dominance over the smaller Andrews. The move where Otis goes to slam somebody but then Tucker splashes onto Otis’ back is being called the Compactor. Teehee. They hit that for the win. After the match, Sullivan relentlessly attacked his partner again. This prompted chants of “say you’re sorry” from the Full Sail crowd.
Winner: Heavy Machinery
  A video package from last week showing No Way Jose returning and evening the odds in last week’s main event is shown. Backstage, Killian Dain is interviewed and he promises that “no one is safe.”
  Roderick Strong comes out for a promo addressing what he will do next now that he has vanquished Eric Young. He mentioned that he opened up to the NXT crowd about some issues that he was not proud of, but thanked the NXT Universe for accepting him. It’s been a roller coaster of a journey, but he is proud of what he’s done. You see, It’s not just Roddy vs. the World anymore, but rather Roddy, Marina & Troy vs. the World now.  He’s thankful for everything that he has, but he still wants the NXT title.

  Roode then came out and pretended to cry into his handkerchief. He said that he was happy for Strong and his “marginally hot wife” and “normal kid”, but his NXT is different from the past. He called Strong “a good hand”, then talked about how everyone wants to win the lottery and move out of the trailer park and into a mansion. He warns Strong not to play in his lottery before exiting the stage. Great promos from both of these men! They’re setting Roderick Strong up for something big, I hope that it all works out for him, because his Sami Zayn-esque ‘underdog’ persona is going rather well so far.
  Nikki Cross is standing on top of a building somewhere alone at night. She whispers “Let’s play” before throwing a tantrum and screaming. That wasn’t some nonsensical poem that I made up right now, that is what really happened here. She, Asuka, and Ruby Riot will face off in a rematch from Takeover for the NXT Women’s Championship
  Paul Ellering comes out with his book and talks about the Authors of Pain again. Blah, blah, prophecy. Blah, blah, destiny. Something, something, fate. Wah, Wah, new chapters and whatnot.

Sarah Logan vs. Peyton Royce –
  Why does it feel like forever since there’s been a woman’s match on this show? Anyway, Sarah Logan was described as a strange girl from Kentucky who used to wrestle goats, and is just all out craaazy. He may have even said “quirky”, but I don’t know for sure, so I won’t rant too much. Royce dominated for most of the match, but Logan did build up some momentum in the last few parts. After a kick out attempt, Peyton lost her mind and began slapping Logan around whilst screaming and complaining. Logan ran the ropes and hit a knee, but Royce powered back up and hit a Fisherman’s Suplex for the win.
Winner: Peyton Royce
  They aired a replay of Andrade “Cien Almas losing to Cezar Bononi last week, and then leaving without a care in the world. Outside of Full Sail, Andrade and a bevy of beauties all walk out into the night together. A woman is trying to interview Almas, but a mysterious woman arrives and asks Almas “is this who you are now?” She slapped him and left as Almas stood there and watched.
Hideo Itami vs. Oney Lorcan –
  Before the match began, they aired an quick interview where Itami was asked if he was going back to Japan after losing to Bobby Roode. He said that he worked hard to get to where he is, and that one loss doesn’t mean that he’s leaving NXT. He said that he has a lot left to accomplish in NXT. I’ll say.
  This was quite the little mini-war between these men. I always say that when Lorcan is out there don’t I? Lorcan slapped Itami in the face HARD multiple times, they gave each other a great many kicks and hard strikes. For once in his career, Oney Lorcan actually shined in this match more than his opponent. Fans chanted his name and were into him, but that may have been done on purpose. He went for a top rope move, but was taken down by Itami. Hideo then faked a knee injury before hitting Lorcan with the GTS. He didn’t pin him though. Instead, he hit another GTS. Next, he picked Lorcan back up and hits a THIRD Go-to-Sleep! Finally, Kassius Ohno came down to stop the assault. He confronted Itami which ended up with Hideo being shoved on the mat. Ohno looked devastated to have done this, but Itami’s attitude is definitely changing. Hideo angrily walked back up the ramp
Winner: No Contest
  They aired a vignette for Drew McIntyre, he will be in action next week.
  Ember Moon was interviewed backstage, she confirmed that she has been cleared to return to action. While she acknowledges her title losses, she hopes to win the title and be the one to beat Asuka. You know? The evil phony that everyone TOTALLY hates and cannot wait until the chip get knocked off of her shoulder by Ember. In any case, Ember vowed to take care of Billie Kay and Peyton Royce first.
No Way Jose vs. Killian Dain –
  SAnitY came down to the ring with an updated version of their entrance theme. It’s got this weird flute sound added to it now, and it sounds goofy.
  Dain dominated for most of this match with some of his big powerful moves that he uses. No Way Jose got things going early, which cause Dain to talk things over with his stablemates. After this though, it was mostly all Dain in this match. He hit Jose with some stiff elbow shots, a Samoan Drop, and a running cross body to name a few different maneuvers. Jose did regain some momentum when he landed a few strikes on the big man, then he hit Dain with a TKO for a two-count. Jose begins to wind up his fist for a vicious punch, but Dain hits him with a headbutt. After this, Dain gets Jose up for the Ulster Plantation for the victory. That’s all that she wrote.
Winner: Killian Dain
  Poor Jose. First he gets attacked and misses Takeover, then he misses TWO MONTHS of action despite not actually being injured, and now he returns and is immediately defeated in the main event of NXT by Killian Dain. But hey, Lars Sullivan and Oney Lorcan managed to impress here, Andrade could be starting something interesting with one of his girls, and there was no Velveteen Dream on this show. Is it any wonder why I enjoyed this week’s edition? Join us next week for more results from the latest episode of NXT. I’ll see you NXT time.

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