WWE Notes: Mick Foley's Stand-Up, The Rock's Movie On DVD, Gorgeous George

-WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley will be performing his stand-up comedy routine at the Houston Improv on October 2nd at 8pm local time. Tickets are available at $25-35.

-Speaking of Foley’s stand-up, The Gainesville Sun out of Florida has a featured article up on their website about his tour. You can check that out online at Gainesville.com.

-The Douglas County Sentinel has a featured article up on their website about the old Dumont TV network and their inclusion of pro wrestling, as well as Gorgeous George. You can read that online at DouglasCountySentinel.com.

-The movie “Pain & Gain” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Mark Wahlberg will be available on both DVD and Blu-ray this coming Tuesday, August 27th.

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