WWE Not Planning On Changing WWE Title, Sin Cara T-Shirt Surfaces On eBay

— The pre-sale code for the April 2, 2012 Raw SuperShow in Miami, Florida is WMWEEKMIA. The pre-sale kicks off tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.

— Monday’s Raw SuperShow was the No. 1 most-mentioned show on social media in all of broadcast and cable TV, according to trendrr.com.

— Regarding rumors of WWE changing the appearance of the WWE Championship, while some in the organization are pushing to get rid of the “spinner” strap, no official change is currently planned.

— The Sin Cara Goteo De Oro T-Shirt featuring the shape of a penis embedded in a gold design that was pulled within hours of being listed on WWEShop.com last week was briefly supplied by WWE’s Japan Shop (WWEJapanShop.jp) in very limited quantities. The Japan affiliate mailed out the shirt and one has surfaced on eBay.

PHOTOS – Sin Cara goes into his hotel without mask

source: PWInsider.com

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