WWE Looks At John Cena's Upcoming "Free Agent" Return At SD! Live On 7/4

On Friday, WWE.com released a video featuring Cathy Kelley looking at John Cena returning as a “Free Agent” on the July 4th edition of SmackDown Live next month.

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“John Cena makes his return to SmackDown Live on the fourth of July and there’s already speculation as to what exactly that means,” Kelley stated in the video. “The WWE Universe quickly noted that John Cena will come back as a “Free Agent.” This of course shocked everyone, including ‘Shocked Undertaker Guy’ …obviously.”

Kelley continued, “Cena became a free agent during April’s Superstar Shakeup and although the 16-time World Champion is returning to SmackDown Live, maybe he needs to just say goodbye before he heads over to RAW?”

The WWE broadcast team member then compared Cena’s free agency to the NBA’s Golden States Warriors acquiring free agent Kevin Durant en route to becoming this year’s NBA Champions.

“Some fans even started wondering how much freedom this actually gives John Cena,” stated Kelley. “The NBA’s Golden States Warriors shockingly signed Kevin Durant last season en route to winning the 2017 NBA Championship. So, maybe this summer they’ll sign John Cena? Well, I guess you’re just going to have to wait to see what John Cena does with his free agency. You can find out more on SmackDown Live at 8/7c.”

Check out the complete video of Cathy Kelley breaking down John Cena’s upcoming return at WWE.com.

Join us here on 7/4 for live play-by-play results coverage of the July 4th edition of SmackDown Live featuring the return of “Free Agent” John Cena.

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