WWE Locker Room Rumor On What Led To Jeff Hardy's Arrest For Drug Possession

source: prowrestling.NET

The story going around the WWE locker room regarding Jeff Hardy’s explanation for his legal troubles is that he was arrested when police conducted a raid after a package was sent to his residence that had been flagged before it was delivered. Hardy brought the package inside his home and law enforcement were on the scene to conduct the raid.

As the story goes, Hardy was unaware of the package’s contents, which was sent to him by an individual outside of North Carolina who had expressed interest in doing business with him.

The former WWE Superstar is said to be in much better spirits nowadays than he initially was following last month’s arrest. He has told those close to him that he hired a top notch attorney. He also went from asking friends to pray for him (because he feared jail time) to believing he will face minimal punishment.

Hardy is scheduled to return to court next month.

See photo of Jeff Hardy with a *RING RAT* (>>)

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