WWE Invites Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor To Hype Fight On Raw

Paul “Triple H” Levesque on Tueshttps://my.allwrestling.com/admin/news.aspxday issued an open invitation to Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor for them to come to WWE Raw to hype their big fight on August 26. 
In an interview with Sky Sports (h/t Luke Brown of the Independent), The Game praised both competitors and expressed his belief that they could benefit from showing up on Raw:
“One thing Floyd Mayweather is, is entertaining. One thing Conor McGregor is, is entertaining, and it’s funny that you say it’s sports entertainment. I’d invite both guys to showcase what they do on Monday Night Raw because there is no bigger platform that they can have to show the world, and tell the world, who they are and why they’re the man.”

Mayweather has a significant advantage entering the fight since he is a perfect 49-0 as a boxer, while McGregor has never had a professional boxing match, but the Cerebral Assassin fully understands the appeal of the showdown:
“All sports is entertainment, the news is entertainment today, it’s just the way of the world. This is what people do with their time. It’s no different. I think there is an interest level there. Can a world-class boxer, probably the best ever, can he stand in the ring with an MMA guy, and can that MMA guy bring his striking skills up to the level of someone, like say, a Floyd Mayweather? The one thing it will be, beyond a shadow of a doubt, is entertaining.”
Source: Bleacherreport’s Mike Chiari


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