WWE Announcing Shuffle, Vince's Focus On Raw & SD, SmackDown Writing Team

source: ProWrestling.NET

— In case you missed it, Matt Striker made his debut as a color commentator when he filled in for Tazz on last night’s edition of ECW. Tazz filled in for Mick Foley as the color commentator at the SmackDown taping later in the evening. As reported earlier, there was a good chance that Foley would sit out this week’s show to sell his injuries stemming from his beatdown from Edge last week. Foley is still tapped to appear at the SummerSlam pay-per-view in some capacity. However, it still remains unclear if Foley will sign a new contract with WWE and continue to serve as the color commentator of SmackDown after SummerSlam.

— The majority of Vince McMahon’s creative focus is still aimed at Monday Night Raw. One WWE source estimates that McMahon dedicates between 75 to 85 percent of his energy towards Raw.

— At the moment, Michael Hayes and Chris “Big Dick Johnson” DeJoseph are writing SmackDown together. Hayes serves as the lead writer of SmackDown, while DeJoseph maps out the show. Creative team member Ed Koskey currently handles the bulk of what you see on ECW each week as he pretty much writes the show himself. Regarding the Smackdown writing crew, one source summed up the working relationship between Hayes & DeJoseph by saying, “Michael doesn’t know what’s cool and hip, while DeJoseph lives for VH1 and MTV.”

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