What Happened After Raw: Vince's Birthday Bash With Shane, Stephanie, Linda

Thanks to reader Rob Dalton for sending this report of what happened after Raw went off the air last night from Las Vegas:

Just got back from Raw at the Thomas and Mack Center
. After Raw went off the air, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Vince McMahon, and John Cena did the crotch chop to the crowd. Cena left. Vince got on the mic and told us thanks for celebrating his birthday with him. He said we sang Happy Birthday the worst he’s ever heard. Vince tried to leave and Shawn and Hunter stopped him.

Triple H told Vince he wasn’t happy with how we sang to him, so give us one more shot. He said a couple of people want to join in and sing. Shane and Stephanie came out. HHH said wait we have one more. Linda came out with Pat Patterson. A random Patterson chant started.

Pat got the mike and said he’ll sing a few bars since Vince has always done things his way. He then sang “My way” with Shane, Stephanie, and HHH doing backup. We all sang “Happy Birthday” and Vince ate it up, then he ran out of the arena. HHH, Shawn, and Shane shook hands to send everyone home.

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