Web-only screening for steamy Calvin Klein ad

Too hot. Too risqué . Network TV censors in the U.S. have refused to allow Calvin Klein to run the new ad Steven Meisel show for its new Calvin Klein Secret Obsession women’s scent with Latin-American beauty Eva Mendes. The ad was due out this fall, but is not allowed on television.

The brand thus decided for a new strategy: take it to the internet. Coty, who produces the perfume along with scents by Kate Moss, SJP and Kylie, are previewing the ads on the web in an effort to make sure that the world gets to see Eva’s latest starring role

The ad shows Mendes enjoying a private, intimate moment, lots of skin and sexy music. We hear Mendes’ soft voice, basically repeating the words ‘love’, ‘madness’ and ‘secret obsession’. It’s open to interpretation, because of how it is shot, what you see and hear and what you don’t see and hear.

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