Vince McMahon's Replacement To Be Announced Tonight On RAW

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“He’s here to stake his claim as the person that should be the new Chairman,” speculated the source. “I know what happened to Mr. McMahon last week was a horrific tragedy, but WWE is still an empire that needs a figurehead, and that vacant throne at the Chairman’s desk is mighty tempting for anybody – especially for a COO.”

“As much as Coachman was broken up about Mr. McMahon’s passing – and he was distraught about it all week – he was hoping that a big promotion would take away some of the pain. Now, who knows if he’ll get a raise or if he’ll even have a job when the new boss starts. If I were him, I’d be nice to Sileck, even though nothing is confirmed, but who knows, man. It can’t hurt to be nice to anyone who’s a contender for the position.”

“I’m here to help out in any way possible,” said the COO. “I have taken on additional responsibilities since last week, and the main reason I’m here today is to discuss the tragedy with WWE employees who work on the road.”

McMahon’s Replacement REVEALED – Initials M.F. [DETAILED SPOILER >>]

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