Villagers Overrun Drilling Site To Halt Chevron Fracking

In a statement sent to the Agence France-Presse news agency on Saturday, fossil fuel giant Chevron confirmed it “has suspended activities” in an area near the Romanian town of Pungesti as the result of what it termed the “unsafe conditions generated by unlawful and violent protester activities.”

The protesters, however, claimed victory as hundreds of them gathered in the cold on Saturday, chanting, “Chevron, Go Home!”

“We want our soil to stay free from pollution, we want Chevron to leave,” one of the protesters, Adrian Pana, 33, told AFP on Saturday.

Global campaigners against the controversial extraction technique expressed solidarity with the Pungesti protesters: offered this report:


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As Common Dreams reported earlier this week, the villagers have been staging protests and occupying an encampment near the drilling site in order to fend off Chevron’s exploratory drilling for months. Clashes with riot police on Monday heightened tensions, and though some protesters were dragged away, the protests have only intensified.

As the AFP adds:


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