Videos – Stephanie McMahon & John Cena travel to Cannes to “spread message of WWE,” Steph talks clever marketing to “savvy” audience


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WWE executive Stephanie McMahon and top star John Cena traveled to the Cannes Lions International Festival in France to “spread the message” of what WWE is about to reach potential brand partners.

In two separate interviews, Stephanie emphasized WWE trying to find crafty ways to market their product to a savvy fanbase.

“The audience is very savvy today. They know when they’re being marketed to, so it’s important for you to take that extra step, go the extra mile, create customized content so that it integrates in a way that is entertaining to them and still relates to the brand,” Stephanie told Cannes Lions TV in an interview with Cena.

Stephanie said virtually the same thing to AdWeek in an interview about WWE’s marketing approach.

“We don’t just force-messaging. The audience is really savvy. They know they’re being marketed to. But, if you do it in a clever and integrated way, then they’re more responsive. They really do listen and engage differently, because they are appreciative to that brand for taking the time to do something customized for them,” Stephanie told AdWeek.

Stephanie added that one of her chief jobs is trying to educate “non-initiated” people or companies about why they should be interested in working with WWE.

“For the non-initiated, there are definitely misperceptions about our brand,” Stephanie told AdWeek. “That’s one of my jobs as Chief Brand Officer is going out there and educate people. It still may not be someone’s cup of tea – we’re not going to appeal to everybody – but it’s a heck of a lot of fun. If I can get someone to come to a show, that’s the best way for me to sell them on what we are, because they experience it.”

Stephanie also emphasized WWE’s social media push as a way to get out their messages to the audience, hoping to engage the audience to then drive revenue.

“You need to have a way to engage with your fanbase. And, I mean engage. Not just push messaging out, not just ‘pay attention to the messaging coming in,’ but responding. It’s that conversation – that’s what social media is all about. And, leveraging and utilizing all of your distribution platforms – whatever they might be – for your brand.”

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