Video Of Vince McMahon's Speech From Jim Ross Appreciation Night

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon showed his appreciation for Jim Ross after Monday’s RAW, giving one hell of a speech for his longtime employee. You can see video of the speech at

McMahon said nobody appreciates JR more than he does and said he’s the best play-by-play man in wrestling history – even better than Ross’ idol, Gordon Solie.

He told an incredible story that Jim Ross is so dedicated to his job that one time, he passed a kidney stone at ringside during a WWE pay-per-view.

He is the most dedicated worker in the history of the business. Jim Ross has been one of the He would, and has done anything & everything for WWE over the years. He is a part of Americana.

For all their ups and downs over the years, for all the absurd, embarrassing moments Jim Ross has had to endure at the whims of Vince McMahon, perhaps the most touching moment came when McMahon said, “Jim Ross is an American icon and my friend.”

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