Update On The Rock's Backstage Heat, CM Punk Talks Chris Brown (Video)

— Earlier this week, we published text messages from a WWE superstar who asked to remain anonymous that was complaining about The Rock coming back to WWE and getting a huge payday without elevating anybody but himself.

To follow up on the backstage heat on The Rock, there is said to be “more than a few people” in WWE that are very angry about The Rock being featured so prominently at WrestleMania.

The feeling amongst the disgruntled talent is that The Rock does not work for WWE full time and is taking a valuable spot at the top of the card, when that spot could be used to elevate an up and coming full-time wrestler. The other side of the argument is that The Rock is a special attraction, should not be featured as a full-time performer and brings so much interest and extra pay-per-view buys that he more than covers his price tag and everybody earns more with The Rock on the card.

— WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on Hot 97’s morning show on Wednesday and continued his crusade against singer Chris Brown. Props to Peter Rosenberg of RosenbergRadio.com for the footage:

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(Partial Source: f4wonline.com)

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