Update On New WWE Tag Team, Possible Pairing On Raw, Raw Star Shaves Head

source: The Sun

— There was an idea tossed around at a creative team meeting last week for Hornswoggle to be paired up with Festus.

Both Superstars were drafted to the Raw brand in the Supplemental Draft two weeks ago.

— As reported earlier, Mike Knox was put together in a tag team with Charlie Haas during the European tour. WWE may have plans to put the two SmackDown wrestlers together permanently as they already have their own team nickname. Prior to their match with Primo and Carlito at a live event last week, they were announced as the “Hard Knox Connection.”

— As seen on tonight’s episode of Raw, Jamie Noble was shown sporting a new look as his head is now shaved bald. He actually debuted the look during the European tour.

*SPOILER* Current plan for the main event at SummerSlam (>>)

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