Ultimate Warrior Requests Police Protection, Demento Rants On Wrestling Promoter

— On the heels of Ultimate Warrior’s controversial blog regarding the sudden death of 28-year-old actor Heath Ledger earlier in the week, he requested police protection from local law enforcement. TMZ reported this on their syndicated show last night as that is what Warrior told them when they asked him for comment. Warrior told TMZ that he’s been getting threatening e-mails due to his comments, hence the request for police protection. Despite the threats, Warrior said that he still stands by his comments. The blog is still up on the page. The Warrior story was the lead story on TMZ last night as they showcased his comments and showed footage of him from WWE’s DVD release on him two years ago. You can read TMZ’s website story on the situation at this link.

— Former WWE star Damian Demento ranted on a wrestling promoter for listing him on their website for an upcoming wrestling convention in Carteret, New Jersey (www.legendsofthering.com). He’s saying that this is false. He then insults former WWF Light Heavyweight Championship Gillberg for listing his name next to his. He also rants on J.J. Dillon, who’s appearing on the show. He said he wouldn’t appear on the same show as him because Dillon — who was a front office worker when he was in the WWF — threatened Demento with legal action because he was using the trademarked “Damian Demento” name on the indy circuit after he left the company in 1993. Demento concludes the video by saying that he just might show up at the wrestling convention to beat up the promoter. Demento has since removed the video because he’s now leaving his videos up for only a short period of time.

— Speaking of Gillberg, he’s taking wrestling bookings through his new MySpace page at myspace.com/officialgillbergmyspace.

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