UFC President Dana White Meets With Vince McMahon At WWE Headquarters

UFC president Dana White recently wrote on Twitter that he visited WWE headquarters in Stanford, Connecticut for a meeting with Vince McMahon.

During an interview with USA Today to promote the UFC’s return to the Philadelphia market, White said that he looks up to Vince McMahon in many ways.

While he did not divulge specific details as to the nature of the meeting, White said that he emulates WWE’s business model and called Vince “the guy that basically created the pay-per-view market.”

There has been recent talk that WWE and the UFC would be working together in some capacity on a merchandising deal involving Brock Lesnar, so its possible this is one of the matters discussed during the meeting of the kings of the pay-per-view industry.

White also spoke about Brock Lesnar’s condition in the interview, saying the former UFC heavyweight champion is recovering from his latest bout with diverticulitis and expects to see him fighting again next January.

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(Source: USAToday.com)

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