TNA Impact Wrestling Results (7/1/2015)

TNA Impact Wrestling on Destination America
Taped in June at Orlando, Florida at Universal Studios
Report by Jason Powell and

[Q1] A video package focussed on Kurt Angle and EC3 heading into their TNA Title match… Josh Mathews checked in on commentary and noted that the battle between The Rising and Beat Down Clan with the loser disbanding was up first. Mathews was joined on commentary by “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero… Ring introductions for that match took place…

1. Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, and Mica vs. MVP, Low Ki, Kenny King, and Hernandez in an elimination match. The losing team must disband. Low Ki caught Mica with a kick to the head and pinned him to eliminate him from the match. [C]

[Q2] Around 12:00, Drake ran to the corner and superplexed King. Pope said Drake has been watching footage of Angle (because of the way he ran up the ropes). Drake performed a dive over the top onto MVP. Drake came up holding his knee and was eventually helped to the back, leaving Galloway to face all four opponents by himself.

At 14:15, Galloway pinned Low Ki, then pinned King at 14:30. At 15:40, Hernandez performed a Border Toss on Galloway. MVP checked in and delivered the Playmaker. Moments later, MVP hit a drive-by kick to the head of Galloway and pinned him, meaning The Rising must disband…

MVP, Hernandez, Low Ki, and Kenny King beat Drew Galloway, Eli Drake, and Mica in 16:40.

Backstage, Kenny King told MVP and Hernandez that Low Ki took a bad fall and was on his way to the hospital. MVP was excited that The Rising is finished…

Magnus stood in the ring and delivered a promo. Magnus said James Storm is a slimy son of a bitch and that’s all he has to say about him. Then he went on to talk more about Storm and how his actions made Magnus’s family stronger. Magnus introduced Mickie James.

Mickie thanked the fans for their support, then thanked Magnus for standing by her side, not rubbing it in her face (maybe he’ll get to now?), and proving he’s the man for her.

[Q3] James Storm came out with Khoya. He told Mickie to imagine if he had pushed her a little harder and how she would have held her baby son while sitting in a wheelchair. Storm said he can have any women he wants beside him in The Revolution.

Mickie called Storm a pathetic waste of a man and questioned whether he could actually find a woman. Mickie thanked him for bringing out the crazy in her and promising the fans one more match. She told him to go find that woman because she and Magnus intend to whip both of their asses…

The broadcast team hyped The Wolves vs. The Dirty Heels for after the break… [C]

2. The Wolves vs. Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in a 30-minute Iron Man match for the vacant TNA Tag Titles. This was the deciding match of the best of five series.

[Q4] Ten minutes into the match and there were still no falls. Eddie Edwards made a hot tag to Davey Richards, who went on an offensive flurry. Mathews made a good call by talking about how Edwards taking so much punishment gave Richards a chance to enter the match with energy. Richards had Roode pinned, but Aries broke it up. [C]

Richards ended up taking a prolonged beating, including a nice missile dropkick from Aries into a powerbomb from Roode. Roode covered Richards, but Edwards broke up the pin. Ring announcer Christy Hemme noted that the match had ten minutes remaining.

[Q5] Edwards took the tag and got a near fall on Roode. Roode and Aries came back and performed a nice double team combo on Edwards for a near fall of their own. Aries put Edwards in the Last Chancery, but Richards broke it up with a double stomp.

The Wolves came back with a pair of top rope double stomps on Aries and had him pinned, but Roode broke it up. Hemme announced there were five minutes remaining in the match. Aries performed a running dropkick on Edwards. Roode performed a spinebuster. Aries followed with a 450 splash and pinned Edwards to give his team a 1-0 advantage.

With three minutes to go, The Wolves were at ringside. Roode held them and Aries performed a suicide dive. Edwards battled his way back inside the ring. He and Richards teamed up for a powerbomb/backstabber combo that resulted in Edwards pinning Aries at 28:54, according to Mathews.

Roode hit Edwards with one of the title belts. Aries put his arm over Edwards, who kicked out at the last moment. Roode went or the Roode Bomb, but Edwards rolled through and pinned him to give his team a 2-1 advntage. Roode applied the crossface on Edwards while Aries held Richards at ringside, but the clock expired… [C]

The Wolves defeated Austin Aries and Bobby Roode 2-1 in a 30-minute Iron Man match to win the best of five series and the vacant TNA Tag Titles.

[Q6] 3. Taryn Terrell (w/Marti, Jade) vs. Awesome Kong vs. Brooke in a Triple Threat for the TNA Knockouts Championship. Yes, Brooke bent over and shook her ass as part of her ring entrance again. Isn’t it enough that she’s athletic and attractive? Taryn ducked to ringside early on.

Mathews noted that it’s not an elimination match and Taryn doesn’t have to factor into the finish to lose the title. He also noted that Taryn won the match by pinning Gail Kim in a Triple Threat match that Havok entered as champion. Late in the match, Marti and Jade knocked Brooke off the ropes. Jade kicked Kong and then clotheslined her over the top rope, then Taryn performed a Diamond Cutter on Kong for the win…

Taryn Terrell defeated Awesome Kong and Brooke to retain the TNA Knockouts Title in 5:20.

After the match, The Dollhouse were heading backstage when the mystery woman’s video played. She’s no longer a mystery woman, as the video package revealed herself as Gail Kim… The broadcast team hyped Angle vs. EC3, and part one of Mike Tenay’s interview with Jeff Jarrett… [C]

Mike Tenay interviewed Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett in the middle of the ring in an empty studio. Tenay spoke about the surprise of Jarrett returning. Tenay asked Jarrett what winning the King of the Mountain match means regarding the future of TNA and Global Force Wrestling. Jarrett spoke about how he was surprised to be back as well, and said there is definitely a future with TNA and GFW and it will shock some people.

Ring entrances for the main event took place. Jeremy Borash handled the in-ring introductions and his voice went all Peter Brady while saying Angle was the reigning and defending champion of the world… [C]

4. Kurt Angle vs. EC3 (w/Tyrus) for the TNA Championship. Angle hit an early suplex and then followed with a pair of German suplexes. EC3 grabbed the ropes to block the third, then Angle sent him to ringside. Mathews said this isn’t the type of match that EC3 signed up for. Huh?

Back in the ring, Angle hit two more German suplexes. EC3 once again grabbed the ropes to prevent a third. Angle was jawing with the ref when EC3 clotheslined him to grab control of the offense at 4:15. EC3 remained on the offensive heading into the break.

[Q8] [C] EC3 remained in control coming out of the break and had Angle in full nelson position, but Angle broke free. Angle came back with three German suplexes. Angle set up for the Angle Slam, but EC3 dodged it, then Angle hit him with three more German suplexes. Welcome to Suplex, um, Village, bitch? Angle was knocked to ringside, where Tyrus caught him with a clothesline.

Back in the ring, Angle performed, yes, more German suplexes. He also ran EC3 into Tyrus to knock Tyrus off the ring apron. Angle performed the Angle Slam for a two count. Angle applied the Ankle Lock. EC3 rolled out of it. Angle performed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that sent EC3 crashing into referee Brian Hebner.

Tyrus attacked Angle while the referee was down and then rolled to ringside and jawed at fans. EC3 performed the One Percenter and covered Angle, who kicked out at two. EC3 acted shocked as Mathews noted that this was the first time someone had kicked out of EC3’s finisher.

EC3 called for Tyrus, who grabbed a chair. Pope said EC3 was trying to get himself disqualified, which would be really stupid considering how long he waited for a title shot. The refeee cut Tyrus off. Tyrus jabbed his chair into the referee, who ordered Tyrus to the back. Two additional referees ran out and joined in ordering Tyrus to the back. Tyrus complied.

EC3 set up for his finisher again, but Angle countered and eventually applied the ankle lock. Mathews noted that it was the same move that made Matt Hardy tap out last week. EC3 reached for the ropes, but he eventually kicked Angle off to break the hold. Angle set up for his finisher, but EC3 countered into a rollup and pinned Angle. EC3 celebrated and Angle acted shocked and disappointed.

EC3 defeated Kurt Angle in 20:35 to win the TNA Title.

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