The Story Of This 26-Year-Old Taiwan Man Who Didn’t Give Up After Losing His Memory Is Inspiring!

A 26-year-old Taiwan man has now learnt to live with a memory disorder with help of notebooks. He is known as the notebook guy as he keeps writing everything.

Nine years ago, Chen seriously damaged his hippocampus, a part of the brain associated with forming memories, in a traffic accident. He has lost the ability to make and retain short-term memories. Instead, he painstakingly records his days in lined notebooks, crammed with entries in blue ink.

“I use the notebook to remember who I helped today, how much farm work I did, whether there was rain … the notebook is my memory,” said Chen, who lives with his stepmother, Wang Miao-cyong, 65, in a remote village in Hsinchu County, northwestern Taiwan.Click Here: Putters

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