The Steelers are a wreck, so bet the Patriots

The Wildcat returns for his 22nd season in The Post. Including the 1997-2017 Bettor’s Guide, Cat’s record in print stands at 595-498 (54.4 percent) against the spread.


VIKINGS (-7) over Dolphins: Vikings are facing easier company under far-more-favorable circumstances, after banging their heads against the wall versus New England and Seattle behemoths away from the Twin Cities. All NFL Florida teams have been defensively wretched when traveling. There’s no place like home, and Vikings coach Mike Zimmer breathes easier, for one unit.

Patriots (- 2¹/₂) over STEELERS: You must respect Steelers vengefulness, at home, off three narrow, awkward losses … but Cat’s read is that the apparent internal strife in Steelerville is ugly. Kicker Chris Boswell’s wretched season alone would ferment hysteria in most locker rooms. They’re lucky they’re in the AFC North — though they still need two more regular-season wins to feel safe at this point. Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Co. crammed a year’s worth of mental blackouts into three-plus hours in Miami, with dubious last-minute strategizing leading to this year’s fiasco. Off a loss, after leading at the half, against a side they schematically own? Pats, for Cat, for one unit.

LAST WEEK: 1-1. SEASON: 14-16

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