The Latest On Matt Hardy & Nia Jax Injuries, Alexa Bliss’ SSlam Gear Has Yet to Arrive, Bliss Tries Shake Shack (Videos)

WWE has released the above and below videos as Alexa Bliss continues her SummerSlam diary.

Little Miss Bliss indulges in a New York City original as part of her SummerSlam preparation.

Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss contemplates back-up options in case her SummerSlam ring attire doesn’t arrive in time for her title defense against Ronda Rousey.

The Latest On Matt Hardy & Nia Jax Injuries

As noted, WWE star Matt Hardy is expected to be taking some time off from in-ring competition as he is dealing with a developing injury. Hardy recently noted on social media that his pelvic bone is beginning to fuse with his lower back after years of performing his signature leg drop, and according to, Hardy is expected to undergo an extensive therapy regimen in North Carolina and will be taking an extended amount of time off. As of this writing, while speculation has been that Hardy’s in-ring career might winding down, that is not 100% confirmed.

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With regards to former Raw Women’s Champion Nia Jax, PWInsider reports Jax has denied that she is dealing with any injuries, but she has been doing physical therapy of late, which explains her absence from WWE TV.

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