The Future Of The Angle With John Cena’s Father; Jim Ross Working With JBL?


– Expect the angle to continue with John Cena’s father. Cena Sr. has worked in the Northeast independent wrestling scene for years and has always wanted a spot in WWE. He is a regular with Chaotic Wrestling as a manager named Johnny Fabulous. You may remember that a couple of months ago both Cena Jr. and Vince McMahon showed up unannounced at a Chaotic Wrestling event. There has been a lot of talk about using Cena’s father for a long time, however, McMahon has held off on it because he realizes that you can only do one big angle with the father. Cena has a brother that could ultimately get involved in the angle as well.

-To update you on the story regarding on how well Jim Ross would do with someone besides Jerry Lawler, the original plan was to pair him up with SmackDown’s JBL, however, he was out of the country at the time so they had to get Tazz.

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