Tara Addresses TNA Knockouts Pay Report, Comments On Matt Hardy & Ric Flair

Tara published a blog on her official website addressing last week’s report of there being a sizable pay discrepancy amongst the female performers of TNA Wrestling.

Power Slam magazine, the source of the story, said Mickie James and Christy Hemme are the highest-paid female talent in TNA with each earning more than $100,000 per year. Meanwhile, the rest of organization’s female talent earn far less: $600 per appearance at most. Tara says she knows for certain that the article contained multiple inaccuracies.

“With regards to what is said in the wrestling gossip sites, I’m not going to bash them. Sometimes they are accurate, and I wonder how that info got out. But sometimes, and on stuff I know for certain, it can be inaccurate. Again, I don’t know how people get their information. But a perfect example is a couple days ago there was someone talking about the pay for the Knockouts. I know for certain that there were multiple inaccuracies in that article,” Tara wrote.

“Did someone plant the story to cause tension in our locker room, which is especially stress-free these days? Or did someone just mistakenly get some information wrong? Who knows, but that’s my “don’t believe everything you read” speech. If you want to know ask me. I respond to as much as I can on Twitter. What’s my favorite color? Red. How old is my dog Sophie? Three. How much do I get paid as a Knockout? None of your damn business.”

Tara also commented on Matt Hardy, who was arrested nine days ago in Moore County, North Carolina for driving while intoxicated, after crashing into a tree. His contract with TNA was immediately terminated and he was later charged with reckless driving. Hardy was rushed to an emergency room on Wednesday, after falling down in his house.

“A lot of people have asked me about Matt Hardy. Was he really fired? Is his odd behavior for real? I don’t have an inside scoop. But what I can tell you from a dozen years in the wrestling business is that I never know what is real and what is part of a storyline,” she wrote. “Matt always set a new standard as a wrestler, and was a great co-worker and friend. Could this be a storyline? Yes. Could this also be someone who has given 100% to his fans for years and years, and is emotionally drained and just needs some personal time to get his head straight and recharge his batteries? Absolutely. If it is the latter, I know he would be surrounded by friends and family, and we’d see him back somewhere soon, better than ever.”

In regards to Grantland.com’s unflattering article on Ric Flair chronicling the wrestling legend’s string of legal woes, she wrote: “I also saw a lot of comments on the article about Ric Flair. Again, I don’t know how much of that is accurate. I do think that there are a lot of people that if you take their life, and put it under a microscope, and then list all the mistakes that they have made, it would be unflattering. By the same token, and especially with Ric Flair, if you would have listed all the nice things he did, and all the people he helped, and all the young people he guided in this business, and the wrestlers that he sacrificed for so that they could look that much better, you would have had an article ten times as long. The Ric Flair that I have known and worked with in both WWE and TNA/Impact has always been a gentleman and a locker room leader. Let he who is without sin…”

Tara also commented on the departure of a trusted company employee. Her full post can be accessed here.

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