Survivor Series: Lynch & Bliss To Be Tested, Scheduled Segments

Below are more developments scheduled for tonight’s WWE Survivor Series PPV Event as per the company’s first draft production sheet. Please note that none of this is set in stone as WWE often makes many adjustments all the way to air time.
– WWE will continue to push hard the story of Becky Lynch’s injuries and during The Kickoff Show, Nia Jax will straight up acknowledge her punch saying something along the lines of “You want humiliating? Look what I did to Becky’s face.”
– Ruby Riott will make fun of breaking Natalya’s sunglasses that her father gave her and in a backstage segment, the two will fight and Riott will get help from Sarah Logan & Liv Morgan before everything is broken up.
– Bobby Lashley will do some poses in front of the Kareem Abdul Jabbar & Magic Johnson’s statues and he will bend over and do his ass pose directly in front of Johnson’s statue.
– They are going to push all the social media bickering between Becky Lynch, Ronda Rousey & Nia Jax.
– During a Charlotte Flair interview, she will reference The Four Horseman/Horsewomen with the hand gesture.
– R-Truth will appear in a few backstage comedic segments including first being mistaken for The Fifth Women’s SmackDown Team Member in The Elimination Match.
– There will be a Survivor Series scoreboard graphic that will display the ongoing tally/score throughout the entire night.
– Becky Lynch & Alexa Bliss are both scheduled for concussion testing prior to The PPV.

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