Superleague finals: Belogorie’s Golden Rush

Belogorie Belgorod became the new Russia’s Champion! Genadiy Shipulin’s players beat Ural Ufa closing the play-offs series already in the third game. It is second trophy gained by Belogorie this season. Previously, the brand new kings of volleyball in the best volleyball league in the world picked up the Russia’s Cup in December 2012.


Belogorie Belgorod -Ural Ufa 3 – 0 (25-18, 25-19, 25-23)

Belogorie: Makarov 1, Khtey 12, Muserskiy 11, Zhigalov 13, Tetyukhin 10, Duff 5, Ermakov (L) and Fomenko, Kosarev   
Ural: Falasca 0, Panteleymonenko 6, Ashchev 2, Vissotto 12, Abramov 4, Kazakov 8, Verbov (L) and Zhloba 1, Maksimov 5, Spiridonov 4, Botin

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Series tied: 3 – 0

Belogorie Belgorod returned to the highest step of the podium after eight years and it is the 7th Championship in club history. Only Sergey Tetyukhin and Aleksey Kosarev still remembers the taste of the last title. The first one hanged the Russia’s Championship gold medal on his neck 10th time.
The very match was started up by Ural Ufa very well. Leandro Vissotto made 2 points in attack while Aleksey Kazakov one killing block (2-5). Unfortunately, it was a great beginning of the dramatic and sad story because Vissotto wasted the serve and the action caused that Ural was frozen like a tract in  winter in Siberia. At first, Taras Khtey led to the draw and then there were a points avalanche for the hosts. Belogorie collected 10 in a row and gained a significant advantage (13-5). Ufa seemed to give up missing consecutive sets. Dimitry Muserskiy was picking up point by point increasing the score (20-10). Enthusiastic domestic fans of celebrated when Khtey got a set point and finished off the first set few minutes later (25-18).  

Ural Ufa was still besotted after the premier knock down and Belogorie kept deriving strong blows leading 8-5. The substitute of injured Gorgy Grozer, Maxim Zhigalov, was succeeded in spiking  and Muserskiy controlled the net area in blocking. Among the guests, Pavel Abramov coped with their opponent but it was enough especially due to numerous unforced errors of Abramov’s teammates. One of these mistake committed Vissotto who touched the net what the second TTO (16-9). The head-coach of Ural took a risk and seated Falasca and Vissotto on the bench.  Maxim Zhigalov continues his magnificent show in attack and serve being supported by Khtey. Additionally, Dimitry Muserskiy started to shoot with serve and Belogorie won distinctly again. Zhigalov closed the second part (25-19).

The third set was opened in an impressive way by Dimitry Muserskiy. He scored three points in a row making even a ‘’pipe’’ attack. Moreover, the other middle-blocker of Belogorie, Justin Duff, added one block and advantage for his team (4-0). Ural hoped a reborn and tried to tear some points off but Sergey Tetyukhin even made the advantage bigger. During the first technical time out, the host led (8-4). Khtey and Tetyukhin’s high efficiency still broke their opponents (11-6) therefore, Angelo Frigioni, Coach of Ural, made up his mind to return Falasca and Vissotto. Initially to no avail. The Brazilian committed attack mistake while Tetyukhin killed the ball in a single block (16-11) and everything could indicate that the game is coming to an end at a fast pace. However, Ural did not give up this time improving the offence. Falsaca used Vissotto, who scored further points. What is more, Aleksey Kazakov switched on his serve and resulted in close to one point (21-20). Then, Muserskiy finished of the attack, Vissotto ended a long rally and made a serve error like Zhigalov and Panteleymonenko (24-22). That failure was turned out to be vital cause Vissotto was able to cause a sight out but Taras Khtey killed a single block action and confirmed the championship for Belogorie Belgorod.

Previous matches:

Ural Ufa -Belogorie Belgorod 2 – 3 (29-27, 25-16, 18-25, 23-25, 12-15)
Ural: Falasca 4, Abramov 14, Ashchev 11, Vissotto 25, Panteleymonenko 11, Kazakov 1, Verbov (L) and Spiridonov 4, Samoylenko 1, Botin, Maksimov, Alekseev, Zhloba
Belogorie: Makarov 3, Khtey 12, Muserskiy 22, Grozer 15, Tetyukhin 10, Duff 11, Ermakov (L) and Ilinykh 4, Zhigalov 3, Kosarev, Kuznetsov   

Ural Ufa -Belogorie Belgorod 2 – 3 (22-25, 17-25, 25-21, 25-20, 10-15)
Ural: Falasca 3, Abramov 15, Ashchev 9, Vissotto 20, Spiridonov 3, Samoylenko 2, Verbov (L) and Maksimov 4, Panteleymonenko 10, Kazakov 5, Zhloba
Belogorie: Makarov 1, Khtey 5, Muserskiy 15, Grozer 0, Tetyukhin 10, Duff 6, Ermakov (L) and Zhigalov 20, Ilinykh 18, Kobzar 4, Fomenko 1, Kosarev

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