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Traveling in style is not so easy these days. A global economic downturn and ailing retail climate is hardly the greatest stimulus for the sophisticated traveler with a penchant for traveling in style without it costing the earth. It’s a debatable priority when the notion of jet set travel has been overshadowed by the option of low-cost airlines and no frills comfort. Why travel in style when the rest of the aircraft is filled with budget seeking mass tourists?

So in this new era of traveling, why not strip away garish logo luggage and enter the stylish, fashionable yet unfussy Globe-Trotter suitcase? Fashionistas in the know will appreciate the brand’s basic fundamentals, a design concept which hasn’t changed over the last one hundred years. Of course, why change something that is reliable, enduring and oh so gorgeous to own?

Traveling connoisseurs have long made Globe-Trotter their companion of choice. From Kate Moss to Winston Churchill, the world’s greatest icons have chosen Globe-Trotter’s ultra light trunks and luggage to travel in comfort and style. The durability combined with its light construction made it the choice of countless explorers and have been integral to many other twentieth century pioneers, since the launch the company in 1897.

Globe-Trotter is a hand made product and arguably the quintessential suitcase, just as Burberry is the quintessential mac. Constructed from a sheet of fibre board, a hand made ash wood frame and leather trimmings, the case is entirely made by hand. Because of the total dedication to quality and the many processes, only a relatively small number of cases can be made each day. The pride and skill that goes into their work can be seen by the superb quality of the finished result.

Globe-Trotter is the only suitcase manufacturer making cases from vulcanised fibreboard that is coloured to exact specification and match, which is why a counterfeit is difficult to emulate and rarely seen. The modern Globe -Trotter suitcase is just as much a fashion statement today as were the enormous steamer trunks of the 1920’s. They are solid enough to be used for permanent storage not just shut away empty in a cupboard. Elegant enough to grace any home, they are even appearing as a “must have” fashion accessory at leading catwalk fashion shows. Whether in the original dark blue or black or brown, or the more modern hues of ivory, red, green and burnt orange, they can blend into most decors.

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