Steve Austin Comments On The Possibility Of Returning To The Ring

Several weeks ago, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin made headlines when he said that he is healthy enough that he could wrestle a full-time schedule for 2 more years if he really wanted to.

During a recent interview with the UK Sun, Austin clarified that he has no intention getting back into the ring as an active competitor:

“I’m happy being gone and out of the business to the degree I am, that’s why the Tough Enough thing was such a great opportunity between my other projects. I can be as hands-on and as close as I want to be. I’m not attempting to come back and I have a load of memories from a business I love.”

“I got up there and took some bumps with one of the contestants and worked around with one of the guys and I had fun getting in the ring and bouncing around again.”

“But it doesn’t mean I want to go and do it again on a night in, night out basis.”

Austin said that he plans to continue focusing on his acting career.

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