Smackdown Rating: Ratings drops again, perspective on where they were a year ago and what trends are (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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Last night’s WWE Smackdown on USA Network drew 1.71 rating among live and same-night-DVR viewers, a small drop from the 1.72 rating. It’s below the monthly average of 1.90, the 2017 average of 1.84, and the ten week rolling average headed into this week of 1.86. Smackdown already took it’s post-WrestleMania season hit last week, so there wasn’t as far to fall.

A year ago, Smackdown drew a 1.71 rating on Apr. 21 and a 1.54 on Apr. 28.

Keller’s Analysis: I suppose Smackdown could have dropped off even more this week, so it’s a relief to WWE that it didn’t. Still, I think with the exclusive use of 40 percent of the roster and being live on Tuesdays on USA Network, they’d have hoped for a bigger improvement over year-ago numbers. That said, for the year so far, Smackdown is averaging a 1.85 compared to the 2016 average through late April of 1.75, so Smackdown is at least above last year’s numbers, whereas Raw is well below. Not only is it post-WrestleMania season for Smackdown, but John Cena is not part of the mix for now and Cena fans may realize that and be less apt to make SD appointment viewing as a result.

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