SmackDown Live Results (10/02): Super Show-Down Go-Home Show

Tonight’s episode of SmackDown Live opens up from The Moda Center in Portland, Oregon as Tom Phillips welcomes us to the show. He is joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.
We go right to the ring where SmackDown General Manager Paige has a mic in hand and is ready to kickoff tonight’s show. Paige starts by saying that when she took the job as GM she was told that it would be emotional and exhausting but she wasn’t expecting to deal with something like the dastardly act Samoa Joe committed last week. She rolls footage from last week of Joe outside the home of WWE Champion AJ Styles so that we can see the gravity of the situation before assuring us that The Styles Family is okay and that they sent the authorities as soon as the show went off the air.
Paige then says that charges were filed against Joe for trespassing and Paige talked to WWE Management, and they came to a unanimous decision that Joe should be fired. But before she made her decision, she gave AJ Styles a call to personally tell him and make sure his family was okay, and she felt his pain and emotion while talking with him. Turns out AJ dropped the charges and he asked Paige not to fire him because termination would be letting him off easy.

Paige then says that Styles asked her permission to hand out the punishment to Joe, and therefore at WWE Super Show-Down, he and Joe are still wrestling and AJ had another clip he wanted us to see. Styles is seated on his couch, and he apologizes for not being at the show tonight. Styles then says that under the circumstances he just didn’t think he could perform tonight, and this is bigger than WWE, so he didn’t want to get emotional and do something he would regret.
Styles then says that he is not leaving his house until he gets confirmation that Joe is on the plane to Australia. Styles then says that he’s got four amazing kids that really need him right now, so he needs to be there, especially for Anney, his daughter, because for the past week she has been waking up in the middle of the night looking under her bed and in her closet for Uncle Joe, like he’s some kind of boogeyman.
Styles then says that this needs to end and Joe’s not coming back from the land down under and down under is exactly where Samoa Joe will stay. Styles then says that he is not putting his body into a casket and shoveling dirt on it, he’s talking about burying him alive.
Commentary hypes up Aiden English’s One Night in Milwaukee footage explaining his claim that Lana got up to some business in Milwaukee as well as Becky Lynch’s surprise.

Fabulous Truth make their entrance as they will be in action after the commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we are just in time for the entrance of Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega.
Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella) vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas & Zelina Vega (Mixed Tag Team Match): Vega and Carmella start this one off, and they talk trash before locking up. Carmella levels Vega with a dropkick early on, and then she wastes some time moonwalking. Vega comes back and chokes Carmella against the ropes. Vega goes back to choking Carmella until the referee hauls her off again. Carmella comes back with a jawbreaker, then Almas and Truth tag in. Truth comes in fired up and drops Almas. Truth misses a shot in the corner, then Almas and Vega pose on the ropes while Truth and Carmella do a pose of their own. Vega and Almas roll outside to regroup. Back in the ring, Almas baits Truth and decks him. A missed running knee in the corner leads to Almas tumbling down to the floor hard, and Truth has a moment to recover now. Back in the ring, Almas works over Truth’s shoulder, but Truth fights out and hits a heel kick. The women tag in and Carmella takes control with a flurry of strikes. Carmella hits a flatliner for a pin, but Almas breaks it up. Carmella tries to superkick Almas, but Almas blocks it, and Truth drops Almas. Carmella ends up putting Vega in the Code of Silence for the win via submission. Winners: Fabulous Truth (R-Truth & Carmella)

After the match, R-Truth & Carmella celebrate their victory as their music plays.
Tye Dillinger runs into Paige backstage and tells her that he wants Randy Orton. She then says that technically he beat Shinsuke Nakamura by disqualification last week, so. He cuts Paige off and says that he will deal with him later, but he wants to take Orton now. Paige points out that Jeff Hardy’s been MIA since Hell in a Cell, and Tye says that she knows this is something he has to do. Paige then says that she will never understand men, but Dillinger has the match and Tye walks off.
The New Day make their entrance alongside Mr. Bootyworth and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and The New Day are in the ring with an assortment of pancakes and pancake accessories on a table in front of them.
Big E begins by saying that they proudly present the pilot episode of New Day Cooks. Kofi Kingston has a word from our sponsors, and Big E starts in on an ICOPRO commercial but Xavier Woods points out that it’s 2018 and they have new sponsors. He talks about defending their tag titles in Australia, and Kofi admits that they haven’t been able to hit against The Bar the last couple of weeks, so they need a strong dose of positivity, which is why Mr. Bootyworth is here.
Kofi then says that he’s the man responsible for cooking all the pancakes they disperse every week, and tonight is a very special night because he’s going to share the special recipe with all of us. Big E holds the mic up so his buttery voice can, uh, “penetrate our ears.”
The Bar interrupts and make their way down to the ring. Sheamus says that it’s another week of The New Day coming out and acting like children, and instead of preparing for their title match, they’re out here playing with food. Woods then says that this pilot is going straight to Guy Fieri and they’re ruining it, but Cesaro contends that you can’t ruin something that’s already awful and they’re actually here to help.
Sheamus then points out that Cesaro’s from Switzerland and that the Swiss know a thing or two about pastries, and back home Cesaro’s friends call him Chef. Sheamus then upends the table and we’ve got a brawl. The New Day take charge and nail Cesaro with a corner enziguiri but before they can hit Midnight Hour Sheamus throws a bowl of flour into Kofi’s face. Double backbreaker hits for The Bar.
The Bar drag Big E to his feet and hits him with a spike white noise. Mr. Bootyworth stands alone in the corner, holding his bowl of batter, and Sheamus approaches him. He grabs him gently by the shoulder and walks him to the middle of the ring, where Cesaro takes the bowl. The Celtic Warrior comforts him. Cesaro tastes the batter and pours it into his hat and Sheamus crowns Mr. Bootyworth with the hat full of batter. Cesaro dumps the rest of the bowl out over his head. The Bar stands tall over the title belts as Mr. Bootyworth slinks off in shame, covered in pancake batter and their music hits.
Commentary hypes up Aiden English’s video again and the match between Tye Dillinger & Randy Orton for later on tonight before tossing to a preview of WWE 2K19 that sends us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a hype reel for tonight’s episode of Mixed Match Challenge and commentary gives us a crash course on how to watch the show.
Tye Dillinger vs. Randy Orton: Tye attacks Orton before the match and sends Orton outside. They brawl around the commentary table, where Orton tries to hit his back suplex on the table, but Tye fights out. Tye hits some elbows to the head and suplexes Orton on to the desk. They continue to fight at ringside, until Orton comes back and hits the hangman’s DDT off the barricade. Orton takes Dillinger over to the ring post and appears to jam Tye’s fingers in to the metal turnbuckle. Orton appears to snap Tye’s finger on the turnbuckle as Tye screams in pain. Orton finally lets go and leaves Dillinger laying. Winner: No contest
Shelton Benjamin is shown working out in the locker room when The Miz rolls up on him and says that he agrees with him, he’s overlooked. The Miz then says that Shelton is a world-class athlete who’s won a bunch of titles and he’s the real deal, so he made a call and got him a golden opportunity against Goat Boy. The Miz then asks if Benjamin’s gonna beat Daniel Bryan, and Shelton says that he will, yes, but The A-Lister wants more than just a victory. He wants him to hurt and maim Daniel Bryan, make a statement. The Miz then says that Shelton’s statement is he has been on the bench waiting for an opportunity to prove his greatness, and Bryan is just casualty number one. The Miz then says that that is what he wants to see and he thanks Benjamin and shakes his hand.
Aiden English is backstage talking to a crew member to make sure the production truck is prepared for what he has to show The WWE Universe and it needs to be in HD.
And on that technical programming note, we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a house ad for WWE Network’s current Wednesday night lineup.
Rusev Day make their entrance and we get a recap of Aiden English’s attack on Rusev.
Rusev gets on the mic and says that two weeks ago English attacked him and ended their team and friendship before taking it even further with his video tape about his wife and Milwaukee, and that makes him want to tear his pale body apart. But first he wants Aiden to come out like a man and show the whole world his bogus evidence.
Aiden English heads out and says that the evidence is right here, but first he has some facts for us. He mentions that Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin, a state that borders not one but two Great Lakes. Rusev and Lana tell him to get on with it but he’s making a point that Milwaukee’s a city of culture that’s had many films and television shows filmed in it and tonight more than all of those they get the most anticipated premiere of the last decade, One Night in Milwaukee. He rolls the footage and it’s a footage of himself, shirtless, warming up and practicing for his entrance song for Rusev that night when someone knocks on the door. It’s Lana, and he lets her in and offers to get a shirt but she says it’s okay, she won’t be long.
Lana has something to tell him that she’s been thinking about for a long time and it’s important to say it out loud. She wants him, and the tape freezes. Rusev shoots an accusatory look at Lana and Aiden says that he would love to show the rest but he can’t for legal reasons. He’s got an attractive offer from TMZ, see, and he wouldn’t want to cheat on ‘em. Rusev and Lana bicker and Lana protests that there’s more, which sends Rusev charging up the ramp after English.
Commentary tosses to a recap of The Brothers of Destruction / D-Generation X segment that closed RAW last night before hyping up Super Show-Down as a whole and promoting The WWE Network.
Daniel Bryan makes his entrance to send us to a commercial break ahead of his match against Shelton Benjamin.
Back from the commercial break and Rusev is hunting Aiden English backstage when Lana rolls up to try and explain. Rusev says that they are not doing this here and unzips his hoodie to stalk off and hunt English more.
The Miz joins the commentary booth for the next match which is Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin.
Daniel Bryan vs. Shelton Benjamin: The Miz is on commentary for this one. Shelton starts off strong and starts working over Bryan’s knee early on. Bryan mounts a comeback and backs Shelton into the corner. Bryan hits a series of kicks, but Shelton shuts him down with a facebuster for a two count. Shelton applies a headlock now to keep Bryan grounded. Bryan fights up and looks for the Yes Lock, but Shelton reaches the ropes to break the hold. The fight spills out to ringside, where Shelton repeatedly throws Bryan into the fan barricade and apron. Shelton drops Daniel face-first over the fan barricade a few times before taking him back in the ring. Shelton misses a spear and Bryan throws him outside, then hits a flying knee off the apron on Shelton on the floor. Back in the ring, Bryan looks for a splash off the top, but Shelton rolls away. It looks like Bryan and Benjamin’s heads collided hard there, and they’re both feeling that. They fight into the corner, and Bryan does a backflip off the top rope to avoid Shelton. Shelton catches Bryan and hits a German suplex for a two count. Bryan starts to fight back, but Shelton shuts him down with a kick and another German suplex for a two count. They fight up to the top rope, and Daniel punishes Shelton with a series of elbows to the head. Bryan hits a frankensteiner off the top. Bryan hits the Yes Kicks on Shelton, but Shelton ducks one. Shelton looks to answer with a kick of his own, but Bryan decks it and kicks Shelton down again. The Miz gets up on the apron, and Bryan knocks him off. The distraction leads to Shelton hitting the Paydirt on Bryan for the three count. Winner: Shelton Benjamin
After the match, The Miz attacks Bryan on the outside and beats him down. The Miz rams Bryan into the announce table and brings him back into the ring as fans boo. The Miz drops Bryan with a Skull Crushing Finale and talks trash in his face about Super Show-Down.
Commentary tosses to a recap of The Dogs Of War beating The Shield down last night on RAW and hypes up Asuka vs. Peyton Royce before sending us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and Naomi is in the ring to introduce a video package for WWE’s partnership with Susan G. Komen for breast cancer awareness. Once the video ended, Naomi introduces Dana Warrior, Dr. Toni Storm-Dickerson, Fundraiser Janine Wolf & Breast Cancer Survivor Lt. Caprice Massey to celebrate them and exhort folks to support the campaign.
The IIconics make their entrance and we get a picture-in-picture promo from them saying that they can’t lose in Australia and have a victory dance planned out already, but we go to a commercial break before the match between Asuka & Peyton Royce can begin.
Back from the commercial break and the match is underway.
Asuka vs. Peyton Royce: Billie Kay and Naomi are both at ringside for this one. Peyton starts off strong and controls the pace for the opening moments. Asuka goes for a dropkick off the middle rope, but misses. Asuka tries to fight back, but Peyton drops her with a clothesline for a two count. Peyton misses a shot and Asuka comes back with a successful missile dropkick off the middle rope. Asuka applies an ankle lock. Peyton reaches the ropes and Billie grabs her arm until Naomi drops her. Asuka pulls Peyton back in the ring and applies the Asuka Lock for the win via submission. Winner: Asuka
After the match, Naomi joins Asuka in the ring and they celebrate as Asuka’s music hits.
Commentary hypes up Becky Lynch’s Super Show-Down Surprise and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get another hype reel for tonight’s Mixed Match Challenge.
SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way down to the ring to a mixed reaction.
She starts by talking about how she has been the best thing going since she took the title from Charlotte Flair several weeks ago. Lynch then says that she has made The SmackDown Women’s Division the hottest thing in WWE. She goes on and shows us a video package on the feud with Charlotte Flair. Another “Becky” chant starts up. Becky then says that she has proven time and time again that she owns Charlotte. Becky then says that she still can’t get the respect she deserves. She wonders where her magazine covers and action figures with the title are at. Becky goes on about how her face is the face of the company and if no one will give her these opportunities, she will take them herself. Lynch then shows us a new Super Show-Down poster she designed, uncovering it with a drum roll. The poster features only Becky with her foot on Flair. Becky then says that Super Show-Down isn’t about The Undertaker vs. Triple H for the last time, it’s about her defending her title for the first time. Charlotte Flair’s music hits and she interrupts The SmackDown Women’s Champion.
Flair rushes to the ring and the brawl breaks out. Flair nails a Spear to mostly boos. Flair launches Becky into the large poster she revealed. Flair applies The Figure Four and hangs off the apron, tightening the hold. Fans chant for Becky as Flair brings it back in the ring to boos. Flair delivers a “wooooo!” and stands over Becky as her music hits. Commentary hype Flair vs. Lynch for Saturday’s big event in Australia. Flair exits the ring as her music plays. Becky recovers in the ring and clutches the title as Flair talks some trash. SmackDown goes off the air.

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