Shaquille O'Neal & WWE, Michaels Teases Phoenix Suns Players, Hardy/Kennedy

The following notes from yesterday’s WWE Raw taping were sent in exclusively to my website,

– The WWE film crew was in attendance at the Phoenix Suns’ practice at US Airways Center this morning, filming the newest member of the Suns, Shaquille O’Neal. Before sitting down for a WWE interview on the upcoming Big Show – Mayweather fight, Shaq was asked by local media members if he was a WWE fan, and said, “Of course. My favorite is the Undertaker.”

– Shawn Michaels passed through the throng of reporters waiting for the Suns’ practice to wrap up and asked loudly, “Oh, the Phoenix Suns are practicing in there? They don’t have three championships!” Michaels is a long time San Antonio Spurs fan and, at least at one point, was a Spurs season ticket holder.

– Later in the afternoon, Mr. Kennedy and Jeff Hardy both shot several funny green-screen videos on the Suns’ practice court, which will be incorporated into the Suns’ new virtual locker room tour: The web site, which currently features Suns personalities (Shaq, Nash, the Gorilla, etc), will soon be expanded to include “star dressing rooms,” showcasing some of the different shows that stop by US Airways Center, such as WWE.

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