Shane Douglas On Forming A New Triple Threat, Turning On Tommy Dreamer, NWA Champion Tim Storm

It is a jam-packed Triple Threat Podcast today as we move forward to WrestleCade weekend. “The Franchise” dives deep into his shocking betrayal of The Tommy Dreamer at last weekends House of Hardcore 35 event at the ECW Arena as well as gives us a look into the possible future of another incarnation of the Triple Threat faction with Magnus and Joey Mercury. Also, Shane comments on the rebrand of the NWA and current champion Tim Storm and whether or not “The Franchise” will challenge for the belt he threw down 23 years ago. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

Below are some interview highlights, with an h/t to the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling for the transcription:

His shocking turn on Tommy Dreamer at House of Hardcore 35:

“The world is made up of good and evil and everybody has their own take and everybody thinks they are on the good side and a very few select group of us will admit that we come from the dark side. In the overall scheme of things Tommy Dreamer and The Franchise are opposite characters. One is saint and the other is sinner and just like Paul (Heyman) had done years ago in ECW with the idea of putting Shane Douglas and Tommy Dreamer on a team to me that just screams out that there is something going to happen. These two just don’t mix and they are like oil and water and for what was a pretty important show for House of Hardcore and I was proud to be apart of it and like I said to the media at the end of the night, it looks like we may get a second go around from the same building after nearly grabbing the keys to the kingdom twenty years ago. To me in that world, Shane Douglas “The Franchise” and Tommy Dreamer there ain’t anything about the two that mixes.”

Perhaps a new Triple Threat forming with Joey Matthews and Magnus:

“Let’s be clear and that is neither one of these guys is a “sports entertainer” both of them and when I look at them are professional wrestlers. So to be given the opportunity to align myself with these guys and with a lot of mystique and mystery on what I was doing with my fingers at the end of that match and here is the point and that is until you see the three fingers raised overhead you cannot say Triple Threat but I can’t think of two more qualified guys to be in that position. On the most important show in the House of Hardcore history I am proud to have been part of that and stake my claim to Tommy Dreamer and to House of Hardcore and all the fans that I am not going anyplace and I am staking my claim because I put that building (ECW Arena) on the map and I am going to make damn sure that this goes to the next level.”

The NWA Championship coming back to the ECW Arena at HOH 35 for the first time in 23 years:

“Some of the production crew said that Billy Corgan would like me to say something about this and to go on camera and do that. I turned Vince McMahon down to do a DVD and talk about that incident for the exact same reason that I turned Billy Corgan down. To me, the NWA belt throw down was something that made a huge impact on professional wrestling and it was ECW stating its claim to everything the NWA had been and any more that I think Vince McMahon has a right to that legacy do I think that Billy Corgan or anybody else has a stake to it too. Where I made my mistake and I’ve kicked myself in the ass a ton over the last twenty-three years is that I should have destroyed the damn thing. I should have taken it back home and thrown it in a river or run it over with a truck. The NWA legacy was dead and gone at that point. Now the big curveball and the X-factor in all of this is what will Billy Corgan do with this NWA? His champion was there (at House of Hardcore) and we said hello and it was a respectful hello between us but you could tell it was awkward for him and I am sure it seemed awkward for me. To me there are certain things you lay claim to proudly and others you hope the people look over them and for me the NWA title throw down is something that I wear like a badge of honor and what we did and what it achieved for ECW at the time and ultimately we failed but damn we came close to grabbing those keys to the kingdom. Closer than anybody else did and that is closer than a Panda Energy-backed company did, closer than a Time Warner backed company did and ECW being that little company in that filth infested bingo hall with the craziest most insane fans on the planet came within a hare’s breath of grabbing the keys to the kingdom.”

Any plans on challenging the NWA Champion so he can finally get rid of the belt:

“As of now, there are no plans on my table. I made that statement twenty-three years ago but I am sitting now and looking back at the things that Terry Funk did in ECW and how he went about his business and doing that at 53 years old and the same age that I am now in ECW. I’d be a liar if I told you that it is not something that has passed through my brain over the time and I have nothing personal at all against the NWA Champion. He seemed like a great guy and looked to be in phenomenal shape but clearly something that if that were to happen, it won’t happen until all things are equal. The Franchise is working on a ton of other things and nursing a few injuries and if there were any challenge made for the NWA title again it wouldn’t be next week or next month it would be when I know the cards are stacked in my favor.”

“With Saturday night and flag that I planted again in the building that I made famous if I am going to do that than he can damn well bet that if The Franchise is going to challenge for the NWA title that he is going to get into the best shape he can get in and it won’t be to carry that NWA title and it sure won’t be for me to mount it and put it in my office. I will do what I should have done twenty-three years ago and do away with it once and for all.”

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