Seahawks fan taunted wrong NFLer about Magic: The Gathering

Cassius Marsh is clearly not over his stolen Magic: The Gathering cards.

A Seahawks fan poked fun at the 49ers linebacker for the incident Sunday and allegedly got a cup of Gatorade thrown at him in return.

When Marsh played in Seattle in 2016, he had thousands of dollars worth of Magic cards stolen from his car. He is reportedly a big fan of the trading-card game, which pits wizards against creatures, and plays in tournaments.

“I always get the scoop on all these players visiting opponents, and I said, ‘Hey, Mr. Marsh, did you ever get your Pokemon cards back?” the fan, Rob Larsen, told NBC Sports Bay Area. “He didn’t like it, and I got doused with a full glass of Gatorade up in the stands.”

Marsh claimed innocence in the matter.

“I don’t know nothing about that,” Marsh told the website. “I love the 12s. The 12s have been great to me, before and after I left. I have no hard feelings for the fans here.”

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