San Juan is ready to host the 2015 Southamerican Club Championships

7 days of pure volleyball will take place in San Juan between the 9th and 15th of February. Organized by UPCN San Juan Voley and with Sada Cruzeiro trying to defend the crown won in 2014, the Southamerican Club Championships will give one team the opportunity to participate in the 2015 World Club Championships, to be developed in Brazil. 

Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and Bolivia will have its representative teams disputing for a place in the most important club tournament in the world. UPCN San Juan Voley will try to imitate their last year’s performance, which made them defeat Sada Cruzeiro in the Bronze medal match and reach an inedited 3 place for Argentinean volleyball. 

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UPCN San Juan Voley and Lomas Voley, from argentina, and Linares, from Chile, will constitute group A, while Brazilian Sada Cruzeiro and Taubate, the last team to qualify, will share group B with San Martin (Bolivia) and Bohemios (Uruguay). The best two teams from each group will go straight to semifinals. 


Southamerican Club Championships – Match chart
11/02 UPCN San Juan Voley vs. Linares | Sada Cruzeiro vs. San Martin | Taubate vs. Bohemios
12/02 UPCN San Juan Voley vs. Lomas Voley | Taubate vs. San Martin | Sada Cruzeiro vs. Bohemios 
13/02 Lomas Voley vs. Linares | Taubate vs. Sada Cruzeiro | San Martin vs. Bohemios


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