Sam Darnold’s linemen weren’t impressed by his Christmas gift

Sam Darnold has proven he can deliver passes to receivers, but he made need step up his game when it comes to delivering presents to his offensive linemen.

According to a video posted Friday on Jets safety Jamal Adams’ Instagram story, the team’s offensive linemen removes the two front tires on Darnold’s Toyota SUV as a prank because they were unhappy with their Christmas presents. Darnold gave them each a personalized set of grilling tools and a $300 gift card to buy steaks. That did not appear to be enough.

“Damn, Sam. Damn, Sam I Am! They got your ass, rook!” Adams said while laughing in the video.

The Pro Bowl safety wrote on his first post that Darnold did not get the linemen gifts, adding “U HAVE TOO MUCH MONEY SAM I AM.” He later gave an update on this situation.

“He did get ’em gifts. He did. He did,” Adams said. “They just didn’t like em,” Adams later says with a laugh.

It is customary for quarterbacks to give their offensive linemen gifts or take them out for big dinners in appreciation for their protections and hard work all year. Darnold, who is on a fully guaranteed four-year deal worth $30.25 million, has been clicking with the Jets offense of late as they prepare for their season finale against the Patriots on Sunday.

The 21-year-old has completed 48 of 73 passes for 594 yards, five touchdowns and no interceptions over the past two games – a marked improvement from earlier this season. Now Darnold, needs to do the same with his gift-giving skills.

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