Ryan Millar: This game system is simply stupid

Polish volleyball players and experts are talking about new system of Plusliga. What do they say about this new system?




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There are much more games to play. Every three days new battle. Also, some teams are participating in European cups

Patryk Czarnowski (middle blocker, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle): First of all, it’s hard to find our good form, because we actually don’t have enough time to do it. We play two or three games a week. We also travel a lot. There is no time for a solid training.

Krzysztof Gierczyński (reciever, AZS Czestochowa): This second round is getting faster and faster. I do not know whether all this will be for the fans or the television. We can have problems with fans – will they carry on watching us in a hall? Previous system was much better and we all felt good in it. I hope we will go back to the old rules. Now it is really hard. Now we have additional ten matches, then matches about final place in ranking. There is a bit of playing.

Sebastian Świderski (reciever, Zaksa Kedzierzyn-Kozle): I wonder, when we will play matches that have been planned for 23 and 26 of Fabruary. In this time we have to play games in CEV Cup. And in this system there is no free time.

Jacek Nawrocki (head coach of Skra Belchatow): This round is completely unnecessary.  The energy that we loose could be used much better. Then everyone will complain that players are not properly mobilized in the Champions League. It’s hard to mobilize every two or three days, and we are playing this way all the time.

Ryan Millar (middle blocker, Asseco Resovia Rzeszw): Honestly, for me this game system is simply stupid. There is just too much volleyball. We can not do anything about it, because we do not change the calendar, so there is no point to discuss.

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