Rumored Reasons for Jinder Mahal’s Main Event Push

Smackdown has amplified its number of Indian talent by a considerable margin. Recently, we saw the debut of the Bollywood Boyz (now the Singh Brothers), and Jinder Mahal will challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Backlash next month. Apparently, there is more to why this is the case. has recently expanded over to India, and WWE would love to break into the major Indian market as much as possible. WWE has noted that India has over 750 million social media followers watching their shows, the most out of any other country in the world. Having stars like the Singh Brothers and Mahal in the spotlight, as well as producing merchandise for the group, may be one strategy WWE has to gain the attention of the Indian market.
Dave Meltzer, in less surprising news, noted that company officials have also been greatly impressed with Mahal’s physical transformation. Mahal has put on a noticeable amount of muscle since he returned last year, and management has been very impressed with his new physique. Supposedly, they have also been very satisified with his work ethic, and how hard he has pushed himself since being brought back last year.
This may not be just a month-long push for Mahal, before sliding back down to the role he was in before. WWE trusted him to work with Rob Gronkowski on two occasions, and are now giving him a main event pay-per-view title shot. While Baron Corbin is supposedly the long-term opponent to defeat Orton for the title, Mahal will likely remain spotlighted with his new faction. It’s impressive to see that just a few months ago he went from doing nothing with Rusev to main eventing against Randy Orton for the biggest prize available. He will face Orton at Backlash in May, 

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