Rollins Not Wrestling At Live Event, Sick Shield Triple Powerbomb

As previously reported, WWE Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins suffered a gash on his left arm on this past Monday night’s RAW in Columbus, Ohio when he was thrown into the side of a police van. Rollins appeared at the last Friday night’s RAW Live Event in Birmingham, Alabama, however he didn’t wrestle in any match.
During RAW’s Live Event in Birmingham, Alabama last Friday night, Rollins & Ambrose came down to ringside after The Roman Reigns vs. Braun Strowman Main Event Matchup when Ziggler & McIntyre attacked Reigns. The Shield brought a table into the ring and tried to hit a patented Shield triple powerbomb on Ziggler through it, however the table didn’t break. You can check out that painful spot below:

#WWEBirminghamAL #wwebirmingham #DeanAmbrose #SethRollins #RomanReigns I HOPE ZIGGLER IS ABLE TO WALK TOMORROW AFTER THIS ??????
— eduardo martinez (@eduerx4) September 8, 2018

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