Ricochet On Accomplishing Everything On The Indies, Needing To Set New Goals In WWE

WWE Superstar, Ricochet recently appeared on the Chasing Glory podcast with Lilian Garcia where he talked about accomplishing his goals on the indies. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

On accomplishing his goals on the independent scene:

“Everything that I have done I have kind of done it the way that I planned it… the stages that I have gone and the stages that I have wanted to go to. I wanted to do the indie thing and then I wanted to do the Japan thing and do as much of Japan as I could,” said Ricochet. “And when I did the Lucha Underground thing, the way it came across it seemed really exciting so I really wanted to do that. Then as time kept going the things that I wanted to do I kind of already did, so I had gotten everything out of the way.

“Coming here [to the WWE]was kind of the ending point for me, I wanted to do everything I wanted to do before I came here. So, when I saw my friends get called up and signed and became super excited for them, I saw that it was good because it was a way to help make their lives better, so it was nice for me to see them get called up.”

On needing to set new goals in WWE:

“It’s always just been a dream of mine since I can remember,” Ricochet said of working for WWE. “As I got older and saw that there was more than just WWE, I wanted to explore all of those avenues, but still, WWE was always my dream. Finding out all of these other avenues and to travel the world, just be part of all of the independent scene and the Japan scene, just really get to experience it and get down to the nitty gritty of all of it and experience it in the full way that I can.

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“WWE has always been a dream of mine so that is the ending point because if your goal is to get there, and when you get there and then your goals change to something like getting on a pay-per-view or win a match, or whatever. So, when you are here you have to make smaller goals to achieve.”

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