Report: Backstage Heat On Paige

This week Paige was pulled from WWE’s upcoming overseas tour due to an injury, and sources say that’s not the only behind-the-scenes issue she’s having.

According to a report by Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, company insiders were very “worried” about her future in WWE as recent as a few weeks ago. As previously reported, there are said to be “other, significant” issues with Paige and company management.

Meltzer didn’t get into specifics, but there’s speculation that the backstage heat may stem from her relationship with Alberto Del Rio. The two were drafted to separate brands during last month’s roster split.

Her mother tried to kill rumors on Twitter this week, writing “no melt down, babies, sackings or any other bullsh*t your might read.”

Paige is expected to be back in the ring in 2 weeks at the soonest.

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