Redskins captain blasts team, fans in leaked message: ‘F–k’ them

It’s come to this for flatlining Redskins: One of their captains allegedly cursed out the team and the fan base, and the coach shrugged it off because the comments were made in a private message he believes shouldn’t have been leaked.

The Redskins, at 6-7, are still in the playoff race, but losing out seems more likely at this point.

In private messages on Instagram that were leaked, linebacker Mason Foster went off on the franchise and its fans, saying he won’t be blamed for the team’s big-money players who aren’t producing, but coach Jay Gruden had no problem with it.

“I really don’t even care,” Gruden said Wednesday. “It’s a private message. I know Mason and how hard he’s worked and how hard he plays. I know he wouldn’t say anything publicly to do that. That was a private deal. He could’ve been messing around. I don’t know the intent of that message, I don’t really care.

“I do, however, disagree with that guy posting a private message out on social media. He broke a code there that I don’t agree with. As far as Mason, I have nothing but respect for him as a person and a player.”

Foster wasn’t made available for comment, but the leaked messages appeared to say a lot.

“F–k this team and this fan base…” he wrote, adding six crying-laughing emojis. “Yeah and I’m not f—-n wit it or being a scape goat to make fans feel better about all these big money ppl who ain’t playin or getting dogged out.”

In a later text, he wrote: “Yeah I’ll try my chances and go to a winning team next year…love the redskins but this ain’t it for the African #LOVE.”

Meanwhile, another linebacker, Zach Brown, expects to be gone after he was benched in Sunday’s 40-16 loss to the Giants. Gruden said he sat Brown because he missed two practices with an illness. Brown criticized the secondary recently.

“I mean, if a guy’s sick, he’s sick,” Brown said. “What was I supposed to do, go out there and throw up for you? I had a stomach virus. Wasn’t nothing I can do. Last year I didn’t practice at all until Friday or Saturday with my knee injury, so it’s kind of contradictory what they’re saying.”

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