Recently Released TNA Star Backstage At Raw, NXT Rookie Suffers Food Poisoning

— Recently released TNA star Sean Morley was backstage at Monday’s Raw, which emanated from his hometown of Phoenix. He was simply visiting friends.

Morely worked for TNA as recently as February before parting ways with the organization to compete in Mexico. He wrote the following note on his Facebook account regarding his experience: “Just got back from visiting old friends at Raw here in Phoenix. Drive to the arena with my buddy Matt(Atrain). It’s always great to see old friends again.”

— NXT rookie Skip Sheffield noted on his Twitter account this past week that he was suffering from food poisoning. He said he vomited three times and had very high body temperature. He’s blaming his sickness on Burger King and said he will never eat there again.

— Today marks the twenty-year anniversary of the historic Champion vs. Champion match between Hulk Hogan and The Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania VI.

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