Raw Taking Place On Tuesday?, Evan Bourne Misses Live Chat, Rhodes & Dibiase

— In what was likely a mistake, the calender for the October 2009 issue of WWE Kids has a Raw event listed for Tuesday, October 13th. According to the schedule on WWE.com, next week’s Raw will be taking place on Monday in Indianapolis. A SmackDown/ECW taping is scheduled the very next day in Lexington, Kentucky. (Thanks to Randall)

— Evan Bourne did not take part in his scheduled live chat last night “due to unforeseen travel issues,” according to a note posted on the WWE Universe website. As a make-up, Bourne will do a special Q&A tonight on the “Raw Mega Monday Live Chat.” Click here for more information.

— Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase are featured on the cover of the latest issue of Inside Wrestling.

Backstage story on why CM Punk lost the title last night (>>)

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