Paige Responds to Alberto El Patron, Trish Returns on Raw Tonight

The relationship between Paige and former WWE Superstar Alberto Del Rio (now known as Alberto El Patron) was a complicated and polarizing one among wrestling fans. The two wrestlers were romantically linked for a number of years, but they became a controversial twosome due to some of the stories about their public behavior that surfaced during their time as a couple. Paige and Alberto have since moved on, but some fans were outraged when Alberto recently mocked the former Divas Champion on social media, revealed details of her past arrests, and even went after members of her family. After staying silent on the matter for a number of weeks, Paige has finally responded to Alberto’s comments.
Paige appeared on Lilian Garcia’s Chasing Glory podcast this week and openly discussed topics such as the Brie Bella/Liv Morgan incident, as well as her own retirement from the ring earlier this year. She was also asked about Alberto’s messages on social media, to which she said that she was shocked but chose not to reply to her ex-boyfriend. Paige also brought up the fact that Alberto mentioned her mental health battles. She said that she is in a great place in her life right now and wishes the absolute best for Alberto and his own family. Alberto continues to wrestle outside of WWE today while Paige has been working as the General Manager of SmackDown since retiring from wrestling due to injuries back in April.
“You don’t make fun of someone that has mental health issues. He knew I was depressed and how I was at the bottom and I wanted to kill myself. He knew all that stuff, so to throw it out there like that is pretty mean. It’s uncalled for, unnecessary. I was like, ‘Am I being bullied right now? What is going on here?’” Paige said.

Monday Night Raw will be airing on the USA Network later on tonight as usual, but this week’s show not only deals with the fallout of the Super Show-Down event from this past weekend, it will also continue to buildup WWE’s all-women’s Evolution pay-per-view. The company has just announced that WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus will be appearing on Raw tonight. This appearance from the former Women’s Champion will likely see her continue to hype up her match against Bliss for the Evolution event. Expect to see Stratus and “The Goddess” interact during Raw this evening. Evolution takes place on October 28th, but this confrontation will be taking place on Raw tonight on the USA Network at 8pm ET.

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