Original Plans For Punk vs. Bryan, Ryder Teases He's Leaving WWE & More

– Zack Ryder tweeted the following last night, teasing a possible WWE departure. New York Wrestling Connection is an independent group that and Curt Hawkins Zack Ryder competed in previously.

“Maybe I’ll be in a #MITB match next year…or back at @NYWCWRESTLING

– At 5PM EST Sunday (3 hours before Money-In-The-Bank Pay-Per-View went live), CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan was penned in to close the show. WWE changed things at the very last minute with the RAW Money-In-The-Bank match.

– The Big Show’s entrance theme was played for St. Louis Cardinals left fielder Matt Holiday, during the MLB All-Star Game. Holday, has been coming up to bat to the song for most of the season.

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