Off-Air Notes From TNA's Turning Point PPV; PPVs Moving Out Of Orlando In 2008

Thanks to for the following:

— During the preshow there was a guy who warmed up the crowd before it went live. This was the same guy that does it for the iMPACT tapings.

— A fan dressed like Santa Claus was standing on the rail.

— Dixie Carter was spotted walking around in the crowd.

— There were a number of tables set up at ringside.

— A majority of the crowd chanted “Eddie” for Hector.

— Jeremy Borash was last of the announce team to come out. He announced that starting in February, Pay-per views are moving out of Orlando on a more regular basis Jeremy then mentions that Against all All Odds will be held in South Carolina and there might be pay per views in Boston or New York City. Jeremy says that there are still open locations for Pay-per views and that the fans can show management to keep some pay per views in Orlando.

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