NXT Stars Released, Update on Ziggler’s Status, News on PPV in UK

Earlier in the week, WWE announced that Emma, Darren Young, and Summer Rae were being released from their contracts. Two more wrestlers confirmed that they were let go from the company earlier today. NXT’s Sawyer Fulton was released today, and Fulton commented on his departure on social media later on. He had been part of SAnitY before an injury saw him taken out of the group and replaced by Killian Dain. Pro Wrestling Sheet also confirmed that Performance Center trainee Leo Gao was released today. Despite being beloved by the NXT staff, Gao received a serious neck injury in August that may have factored into his release. He has since commented on his departure on Twitter.

A new path is beginning to unfold and I’m excited to walk it!
Time to move forward to the same goal! pic.twitter.com/locZPJZTzR
— FULTON (@SFulton_WWE) November 3, 2017

God put me on this great earth to do one thing,
And that’s Professionally Wrestle.
Get Ready.
— FULTON (@SFulton_WWE) November 3, 2017

Life is like a box of chocolates, you never konw what you’re going to get.So should be keep smile! pic.twitter.com/yGVHL9gB3B
— Leo Gao (@LeoGaoWWE) November 3, 2017
Dolph Ziggler has mostly been used to put over new talents, such as Bobby Roode and Shinsuke Nakamura, over the past few months. There has been a ton of speculation that perhaps Ziggler could be leaving WWE very soon. Dave Meltzer recently revealed some of Ziggler’s contract details during on his of mailbags. According to Dave, Ziggler’s current contract will likely expire in October of 2018. Despite his lack of success in the company as of late, Ziggler is reportedly very pleased with his role in WWE right now. Ziggler is making a decent living, be on television, and he is able to perform stand-up comedy with the company’s blessing as well. Meltzer says that Ziggler would likely not wrestle anywhere else if he were to leave WWE.
WWE has been trying to establish a greater relationship with the United Kingdom this year. The company has been attempting to get a weekly series in the UK off the ground, and they are currently touring the nation as well. Some rumors claiming that WWE would be hosting a pay-per-view in the country began to surface recently. Unfortunately, Dave Meltzer stated that there will not be a WWE pay-per-view in the UK, and that the rumor, which was started by a wrestling reporter in the UK, was false. The reporter in question eventually took to Twitter to apologize for the false information, and he claimed that it was done as a “light hearted joke.”


So to correct something on today’s show, there isn’t a UK WWE PPV next year, was a hoax by a UK reporter.
— Dave Meltzer (@davemeltzerWON) November 2, 2017

Was meant to be a light hearted joke. No ill will intended. Apologies if it was taken out of context ??
— Kenny McIntosh (@KennyMc1985) November 2, 2017

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