Ndamukong Suh snubs ex-mate Matthew Stafford on top QB list

Los Angeles Rams tackle Ndamukong Suh has a history of beating up on quarterbacks, and you can add former Detroit Lions teammate Matthew Stafford to his growing list.

Suh was asked to elaborate on an October Instagram post in which he called Rams teammate Jared Goff “the best QB I’ve ever had,” and his response was certainly interesting.

“That’s a great quarterback in Jared,” he said. “I loved him. I’d say another guy that I enjoyed being around was Jay Cutler. Obviously, playing against him many years in the black and blue division up there in Detroit, being able to get to know him down in Miami, he’s a great dude. I enjoy the quarterbacks I’ve been around, but probably those two the most.”

While it’s weird enough to hear someone complimenting notorious curmudgeon Jay Cutler, missing from that short list is Stafford, Suh’s teammate from 2010-14. The quarterback and fellow Lions first-round pick helmed one of the best offenses in the NFL during the 2011 season, not all that dissimilar from Goff’s MVP-caliber 2018.

If Stafford took offense to the comments, he didn’t show it, seemingly chalking it up to Suh’s prickly demeanor.

“Well done,” Stafford said. “Classic Suh. Pretty good stuff.”

The pair will face off in Detroit on Sunday, marking Suh’s first game back in the city since leaving for the Dolphins as a free agent 2015. The Rams are 10-1 on the season, while the Lions are 4-7.

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